Automated kitchen appliances make life so much easier and it is nice when you can find one device that incorporates all.  When you combine one-pot cooking with automation, their convenience factor goes through the roof. The Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Deluxe Rice Cooker/Steamer cooks from ever having to stir a pot. The pot has 2 main cooking modes in addition to the rice or whole grain cooking modes, the multicooker can cook whole meals all in one pot. The Steam/Cook function lets users steam dumplings, vegetables, or proteins such as chicken, meat or fish. You get the Boil/Simmer function starts off at a boil and switches to a gentle simmer. The best hing is that the multicooker’s additional features highlight its usefulness in the kitchen. This cooker has a 20-cup capacity as well as  “Delay Start” and “Keep Warm”  functions.

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