Best Freezers – Smart Buying Guide and Top Freezers

Nutrition and meal planning are two of the important factors for maintaining a balanced lifestyle along with daily movement, a proper sleep program and a few hours a week for rest. That’s why intelligent shopping and storing food must be some of the preoccupations of any person.
In this context, a freezer is the best solution for families and people who prefer to buy more food at regular intervals and store them at the right temperature so they can be eaten in the next period.

Smart Buying Guide – Best Freezers

Preliminary documentation is the path to an acquisition that is tailored to individual storage needs, so this guide is designed to help those who are going to buy a freezer. Criteria outlined are the most important aspects that customers take into consideration when they are in the research stage before buying.

Types of freezers

If in the past the freezers were small in size and with horizontal opening, some of the current models, belonging to different established brands, have a pleasant design and vertical layout. The main known types of freezers are: vertical models, horizontal freezers and 2 in 1 freezers.
  • Horizontal freezers are most commonly purchased for exposing merchandise to stores, food units, while vertical models are more suitable for placing in a House.
  • Vertical freezers are similar to a classic refrigerator or a refrigerator, the difference being in terms of functionality.
  • 2 in 1 freezers refer to 2 in 1 refrigerated combines that are structured with vertical dividers, right-hand refrigerator and left-hand freezer.


If refrigeration is more varied, in the case of freezers, consumers are interested in efficiently partitioning floors and / or shelves to store meat, vegetables, fruits for later consumption. The drawers should be transparent so as to allow quick viewing of the content, as well as quick access to the desired food.
The size of the freezer means also the inside space, so that a large freezer will have several shelves, and a smaller one will have fewer shelves. Users must therefore identify the need to store in the freezer and choose the appropriate model.
A large freezer, which is not used, means extra costs for a space that will not be used, and a small but non-incendiary freezer means an amount improperly invested for a product that does not cover consumer needs.

Freezer volume

The storage capacity also refers to the volume the freezer can cover, preferably between 65 and 80 liters for a single user or for families that do not store or consume frozen products so often, while freezers with volumes ranging between 100 and 300 liters face a high demand for storage and periodic consumption. The latter are recommended for many families, housewives who conserve diverse foods and all those who use this type of food, to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, savings and efficient shopping.

Freezing capacity

It is the criterion that defines the optimum use of the freezer, so it is preferable to look at this aspect in the product description, more precisely, to identify the quantity of products expressed in kilograms that the freezer can freeze in 24 hours – it is not related to storage capacity.

Functions included

Depending on the characteristics, the different models of freezers are more efficient than others, including the following:
  • “No frost” function: removing ice deposits over food packages is avoided even for frozen foods. The no frost option is also important for the freezer to avoid ice formation.
  • MultiAirFlow function: ensures uniform air distribution to ensure a constant temperature in the freezer – temperature fluctuations can degrade the quality of stored food when temperatures change.
  • Lighting: As with a refrigerator or refrigerator, illumination is also essential for using the freezer.
  • The thermostat: for more than obvious reasons, the thermostat is a function of the freezer with which the temperature can be monitored and adjusted when necessary.


Most consumers choose household appliances depending on how they have arranged their home. This rule also applies to a freezer. From a design point of view, freezers can be purchased in simple and ergonomic designs, with the final choice being the buyers. Also related to design is closely related and the color of the freezer – which can be standard – white, any other color or stainless steel – the popular version of the moment.

The space available

The space available for freezer positioning is an important criterion, not to aggressively bury household appliances in the kitchen. Before starting searches, it is a general tip that measurements should be carried out including the actual space, but a few centimeters behind it, for proper ventilation, but also free space in front of it so that the doors can be opened without problems.
The dimensions of the freezer must also be taken into account in order to maintain a balance of the fitting space and, therefore, it is important to choose a model that will fit perfectly into the intended space.

Recommended brands

Established manufacturing companies take into account the selection criteria that customers have in mind when investing in freezing and refrigeration equipment, and the results are freezing freezers that are appropriate to the modern lifestyle that goes beyond the functionality and include technical specifications exception, but also a great design.
So most consumers choose the well-known brands they’ve purchased or recognized as most suitable for these large-scale home appliances – some examples include: Bosch, Indesit, Zanussi, Arctic, Whirlpool.
The digital identity of each brand is a guiding pillar for pre-acquisition research customers, consulting forum discussions, product reviews, and recommendations from industry specialists.

Initial investment

Whatever the amount customers have for such an investment, it is always advisable to set a minimum and a maximum price for any type of acquisition from the very beginning. The budget can expand when the freezer meets the desired standard features, but it also has other outstanding features that will complement and optimize the storage mode.

Subsequent costs

In addition to the initial investment, the cost of large household appliances should also be calculated over the long term, meaning the monthly electricity bill for the freezer, as well as possible repairs if there is a malfunction, especially after the product comes out of the warranty.
For an estimated power consumption calculation, information on the consumption class in which the model that is closest to the checked criteria can be consulted.
Energy classes are between GA, where those with energy class G are those who consume a lot, and those carrying class A are those that provide low energy consumption. It is very important that the subdivisions “” are also taken into account when purchasing. Any choice is made in relation to the energy class, consumption increases as the freezing capacity and the loading capacity are higher.

Refrigerator Efficiency

The arrangement of a freezer is worth the Energy class, which was discussed earlier, and the climate class. The latter is an indicator that shows optimal external temperatures for the flawless operation of the freezer. Generally speaking, manufacturers consider making freezers that work efficiently even at 40-45 ° C.
The most important categories based on the temperature range include:
  • Class I: SN – from 10 ° C to 32 ° C;
  • Class II: N – from 16 ° C to 32 ° C;
  • Class III: ST – from 18 ° C to 38 ° C;
  • Class IV: T – from 18 ° C to 43 ° C.

Purchase variant

At present, almost any product can be purchased from online stores, and home appliance is no exception. So, customers can consult both purchasing options – physical stores and online stores that sell freezers. But the online catalog is easier to track and “browse”, allowing users to open more windows with their favorite products and perform a comparative analysis of products that are closest to user requirements and personal preferences.
Both on-line and in physical stores, discounts are offered and there are periodical special offers for various holidays and celebrations, but online stores are easier to see once certain offers become active.

Advantages of online shopping

  • simultaneous viewing of several products and carrying out a detailed analysis;
  • reading the product description at large, which is not always possible in a physical store;
  • consulting customer reviews of that online store;
  • safe payment conditions – with a card or when the freezer is delivered;
  • the transport provided by the company to the address mentioned by the customer;
In conclusion, consulting the selection guidelines contained in the guide, the choice will be appropriate for the actual storage needs, depending on the budget to be invested.

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