Beehive Beverage Jar

When you have friends over and you want to have a good time, drinks are very important. Outside it is very important to have nice food and drinks. the new Beehive Beverage Jar helps you with that. With this jar you do not need to have special abilities in order to create a tasty drink.  This is a glass jar, standing 13.5 inches tall and capable of holding plenty of lemonade or other drinks for a party. You can fill the jar with martini, sangria, or use it for entertaining indoors, like for pouring orange juice at a big breakfast. The Beehive Beverage Jar also has a spigot for easy pouring. It should be hand-washed in between uses. Plus, this jar has bees on it and it is shaped like a beehive. It costs $16.95 and is also hand-wash only. The Beehive Beverage Jar is available for $49.95.

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