Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 Washer

The Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 washer is one of those washing machines with great features. Some of the great features revolve around: efficiency, sound, programs, and the Sensotronic Plus system. If you are thinking that your washing machine is wasting too much energy and your water consumption is too high? Then this washing machine is just the thing for you. It uses less water than the others do. Plus you can load a lot of laundry into it. With this model you will be using over 70% less water.

This model also has the Sensotronic Plus system designed to optimize the wash process aevery time you do laundry. This technology has the ability to sense the load size you put in the washer. After that it will adjusts the water levels according to your load size. The technology also adjusts the water temperature of each load for the best results.

You can wash fabrics like silk, mohair, wool, and more. Plus, not to mention the fact that Bosch Nexxt 100 washer is very quiet. This 3.81 cubic foot capacity washing machine allows you to add extra large sizes of laundry. All in all, this washing machine comes at a fair price with lots of features.


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