Breville Stand Mixer

In the kitchen, the little details count. A meal that is cooked using herbs and spices can be boring. But it becomes interesting with the right appliance. It’s the little details that count in the kitchen. For example, a meal cooked without any herbs and spices would be bland and boring. Same thing can be said about kitchen appliances, except that it is not taste buds that are at risk, but rather convenience and versatility. And as every home cook knows, convenience means saving time, and that can be no small detail. The new Breville Stand Mixer is a nice combination of performance and convenience. Little details stand out on this machine, like the 10-minute LCD timer that can count up or down, to a retractable power cord that makes it easy to maneuver the mixer. It has a lot of speed options with easy-to-follow descriptions ranging from folding and kneading to whipping and aerating. An included pouring shield solves a common nuisance with stand mixers and allows for ingredients to be easily poured in the work bowl while the mixer is operating. The brushed stainless-steel finish is great as well.

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