Dacor 36-inch Freestanding French Door Refrigerator

Refrigerators are among those appliances that are highly useful. The new Dacor 36-inch Freestanding French Door Refrigerator has an Ice and Water Dispenser and it is an Energy-Star-rated appliance, but it also looks good in the kitchen. It features stainless-steel doors that overlap the hinges, creating a smooth, clean-looking appearance.  It has a nice electronic control panel that displays internal temperature, system status, and option settings, plus glowing in Dacor’s signature blue. The new Dacor is more than just good looks with efficiency to match. You have an exterior dispenser that delivers cool filtered water and ice. The slide-out shelving, large in-door storage and fully enclosed freezer baskets are stylish as well. You will find it in stores starting with April.

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