Fruit Grill Rack

Grilled fruit might sound like a weird combination but the truth is it is a very good one. All you need is a nice grill. A grilled apple or a peach can be great. The new Fruit Grill Rack is all you need. It is going to make the work significantly easier. The stainless steel rack is nicely shaped so that each piece of fruit is held in place just over the grill, getting the full effect of the heat but with a more stable base. You can also use it for stuffed fruit that you don’t want to risk falling over. If you core an apple, for instance, and put some butter and brown sugar inside, you don’t want those flavors escaping. You are able to experiment a bit, the Fruit Grill Rack should work just as well with tomatoes and peppers. The Fruit Grill costs only $12.

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