iTouchless Fully Automatic Trashcan

Many people say that when they are cooking they do not want to touch the garbage dispencer or anything like that. But with the iTouchless Fully Automatic Trashcan you can easily throw things when you are cooking, without  touching it. This means you will not have to clean your hands when you are cooking. It also helps to minimize odors. The trash can’s lid is opened instantly when trash or a hand is within 5 inches of the sensor. The trash uses a battery for power, requiring four D batteries. You can also get an optional AC adapter that lets you plug the device into the wall.

The iTouchless Fully Automatic Trashcan can receive 13 gallons and is able to fit any 13- or 18-gallon trash bag. This means it is ok most kitchens. The trash can is made of stainless steel, in case you want to set it out. The great thing is that the lid slides open, and not upwards or downwards like other trash cans. You can get it for about $80 on


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