Kenwood KS474S Dishwasher

Kenwood has presented the slimline dishwasher with some amazing features and functionalities. Kenwood KS474S Dishwasher model has an A rating for its energy, washing and drying performance. G is the lowest note for energy rating and A is the best. At each operation, this tool consumes about 11 litres of water. Its measurements are: 850 mm x 450 mm x 580 mm. This means the dishwasher is compact and you can easily fit it in your kitchen.

Among its features there is also 8 place settings so that you can accomodate a lot of tableware. You will also be able to use the 7 different wash programmes that have been specifically designed to work with different types of dishes at various intensities of grease and grime. 4 wash temperatures are also provided and the machine does not exceed the noise level of 49 dB, making it a quiet tool.


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