Kitchen Aid KRBV 9710

Refrigerators may not be the most exciting of appliances, for some people. They appear to sit there doing nothing. But actually they are more than just appliances. They can be designed in so many ways that it can become a true object of art. The new Kitchen Aid KRBV 9710 is such an example. It is a cute refrigerator/wine cabinet combination that also happens to include a freezer and a humidor for good measure. It has a refrigerator volume of 406 liters (a little over 14 cubic feet) and a freezer volume of 153 liters (about 5.4 cubic feet). Its traditional side of the appliance is capable of storing a full complement of edibles. But the 188-bottle capacity wine storage that completes this unit. It features UV protection and three temperature zones, the cabinet even features a humidor on the top shelf.

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