MFQ4080 Mixer from Bosch

The hand mixer is a fairly basic appliance but it helps a lot. There are a models out there with pretty much the same options. This is why it can be really difficult to chose between the options. The new MFQ4080 from Bosch  has a whisk attachment that incorporates small balls that can incorporate more air into whatever you’re whisking, resulting in greater volume and finer results. You can work with cream, egg whites, or soufflés. The new MFQ4080 can make a major difference in your cooking.  It has a 5 speed motor that runs unusually quietly. The 500-watt mixer can provide you with some extra torque if you’re using it on the turbo stage, as well. MFQ4080 is lightweight and compact, keeping your hands from getting tired if you have quite a bit of mixing to do. Not to mention the fact that it has an elegant, minimalist style.

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