Smeg retro style washing machine

Some of the nicest laundry rooms have washer, dryer and a sink. But getting a sink in the laundry room is a hassle especially when you do not have the plumbing for it. This is a retro style washing machine that comes with an integrated sink, solving this pressing problem. The design is fabuloust and the pink color is great.  The sink has a 11-pound capacity, this machine is smaller than we’re used to seeing here in the States, but it’s a standard size in Europe. Even if the appliance has a ’50s-style exterior inside there is a thoroughly modern machine with five buttons, 15 programs, variable spin speeds, an LCD screen, Aquastop (a water detection and leak prevention system), and other contemporary amenities.It’s also energy efficient, rated AAA, which is similar to our Energy Star ratings here. The sink is about 12 inches by 13 inches by 5 inches deep, perfect for hand washing a few things.

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