Soleus CFM-40E Dehumidifier

As winter takes us by storm, and degrees are starting to go down and humidity level to go up, we are starting to “hunt” for a good dehumidifier. One dehumidifier has stood up from the crowd and got many good reviews from consumers. It is the Soleus CFM-40E. This dehumidifier is quieter than most and also has a washable filter, which means you will be saving money, not having to constantly replace the filter. The dehumidifier can work in rooms as cold as 36 degrees Fahrenheit without icing up.

In addition to all that, Soleus CFM-40E removes about 40 pints of moisture per day from the air, but be aware that the collection cup has a capacity of 11.5 pints. This means you have to empty it from time to time. The pros for this dehumidifier are: it can work even on 36 degree F., can drain through a hose, is quiet and has automatic defrost. On the other hand, its downfalls are: the small collection cup, the fact that it is not Energy-Star rated and has a slow customer service department.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers’ website tells us to choose the power of the dehumidifier depending on the square footage and humidity severity. So take that into consideration when you go out shoping for a dehumidifier.


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