Viante Indoor Grill

Who said that you can not have a nice grilled dinner even if the weather is rainy? With the new indoor grills you have a quick and quite easy way to fix a great grill. The grill is capable to make you fast burgers and steaks. It is a complete solution for the day. The new Viante Indoor Grill comes with Griddle Plates and is quite versatile. Costs about 200 euros and can cook you meals all in a very short time. The grill has a cooking plate made of Teflon. It allows you to cook things without having them stick on it. It is also easy to clean. The grill has stay cool sides and a nice integrates temperature. It can go from 150 degrees to 475 degrees. The versatility offered by the two cooking methods is extended even further with the inclusion of a glass lid. From preventing messy bacon splatter from getting all over the countertop in the morning, to melting cheese on top of grilled burgers at night, the grill and griddle combination appliance is one kitchen essential that offers something for everyone.

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