Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven – Pizza Baker BTOBR0040

Even if some advertisments are trying to convince you that frozen pizza is not food, if you get the right oven, you can have a real restaurant experience in your kitchen. You can do that with a simple push of a button, that is if you have the right appliance. The new Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven has a Pizza Baker BTOBR0040, that really does more than heat up the frozen pizza. The toaster has a size of 20.5 inches by 22.4 inches by 16.5 inches. Not to mention the fact that the oven has many accessories and functions created to facilitate the cooking of whatever happens to be in the fridge. Also, it has a pizza drawer, a rotisserie and a dip tray. The specialized racks include: one dehydrating tray, two baking racks, and a roasting/broiling rack. And let’s not forget about the two crumb trays.

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