AEG Lavamat L76669 Washing Machine

The AEG Lavamat L76669 is a nice washing machine with a great price. It is quiet and stable on spin and it spins at 1200 – 1400 instead of 1600 that is a better option for most people. The drum has 6 Kg and it has a Spin Drying Energy Rating of A (the best) and a Wash Energy Rating of A. Even if the look is a bit old fashioned, the design is functional and very simple. There’s an LED display for estimating the washing time and it has a large soap dispenser which pulls out easily for cleaning. The Lavamat L76669 is made by the same company that owns Zanussi (Electrolux) and it is one of those washing machines that do not give you high-tech features but will wash your laundry pretty good.


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