Hoover Dynamic 10 DYN10144DP-80 Washing Machine

hoover-dynamic10-DYN10144DP-80 One of the latest products to be launched by Hoover is a washing machine with a 10kg capacity. According to them, the Dynamic 10 DYN10144DP-80 washing machine is the largest model to fit in a regular worktop area. If you compare it with some 9kg machines, this one is actually slimmer by 5mm.

Some of the features of this Hoover washing machine include fast wash cycle, a time manager which will display how much time is left and fuzzy logic, which will adjust how much water it uses, depending on the load’s weight.

The size of the Hoover DYN10144DP-80 washing machine is 85x60x65cm and it has a speed of 1400 rpm.

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