EcoloBlue 30 Atmospheric Water Generator

Tap water has been proven to be quite harmful. You can filter the water using UV water systems. This is a great option for home based drinking water in home. The new EcoloBlue 30 Atmospheric Water Generator has 1 filter pitcher and a water cooler. It needs no indoor plumbing. It uses a 12 stage filtering system and the cooler will start by dehumidifying the air and then sending it to some other filters. The air enters the machine using the electrostatic air filter, and then it removes the airborne micro-particles and dust. Water is after that extracted using food-grade condensing coils and from that point on is subject to a series of filters and UV-C sterilization lamps. The water goes through the charcoal filters, carbon filters, a mineral filter, and a reverse osmosis membrane (along with three UV-C baths), the water is ready to drink. It needs only 35% of humidity in order to function. It can produce up to 8 gallons of water per day and is a viable alternative to the traditional methods of getting water into your drinking glass.

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