Haier HDC 1804 TW Counter Top Dishwasher

Among the things that can ruin your appetite the sink full of dishes is one of them. Knowing that you have to clean all the dishes can really ruin your appetite. This is why many people prefer to eat in the restaurant. One solution is having a nice dishwasher to do the job for you. The new Haier HDC 1804 TW Counter Top Dishwasher only has 17.2 inches in height. This means it can really slide under the countertop. You can connect it to a sink or to the fixed installation. This nice dishwasher offers a surprising amount of interior space with the ability to wash a full four-place settings in one load. It has 3 automatic wash cycles–heavy, normal, and gentle. Also, it offers the versatility one might expect out of a full-size unit. It comes with a stainless steel interior and electronic touch controls on the exterior. Of course, you still have the lousy job of putting the dishes inside.

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