Hamilton Beach SoftScrape 6-Speed Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are some of the most necessary tools in the kitchen. They spin our mayo and allows us to make good pies. Usually a good mixer is the one that can spin really fast and that can plow through even the thickest cream. Not to mention the fact that it is never a good idea to stick your fingers in the beaters when they are working. But one of the things that consumers hate the most is the fact that the beaters can clink against the bowl and the sound is just awful. But Hamilton Beach SoftScrape 6-Speed Hand Mixer will solve this problem because the beaters are covered in silicone. This 300-watt hand mixer extends the lifetime and usability of nonstick pots and pans and also the scratch-free usage. The attachments can be placed in the dishwasher and they are very easy to clean.

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