Indesit WIL133

Indesit WIL133 is a washing machine that has a cheap price, good looks and it is very easy to use. It has a good load capacity and if you do not want to pay a huge sum for a washing machine and you just want one at a decent price, this Indesit model is a good choice.

The build quality is still sufficient to last you a few years and it is perfect for people with no children. Without washing in, the machine vibrates a lot but when you put clothes in it, the noise is reduced and the vibration almost disappears. The noise mostly comes from the drum catching on the door seal. The downfall is that on full spin, without the water, the sound of the water pump is very loud. One advantage is the fact that its parts can easily be replaced and they do not cost a lot. You can find a drum for less than £350. Also, because the soap dispenser is small, you may think of using liquid soap.


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