Jenn-Air Wall Oven

Jenn-Air is now bringing to market the new convection system wall oven that has a nice 7 inch full color touch-screen LCD. This oven incorporates an image-based cooking guide and you are able to select between more than 50 different food options and specify food category, food type, desired doneness, and even the type of pan used. If you have trouble deciding on the cooking temperature, just look up that information on the LCD screen.  Jenn-Air calls this a “Culinary Center”. There are no dials or keypads on the oven front. All you have to do is touch the screen and slide the bar to the desired temperature. Also, another amazing feature is the No Preheat mode, which lets cooks bake on one rack without any preheating time via two convection elements rated at a total of 6,800 watts with fans that rotate in opposite directions.

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