Jentle Jet sink from MTI Whirlpool

It is really hard when you have hand washable clothing and you can not simply toss it into the machine. The laundry sink does not always do the job as you can even risk of damaging the clothing. The Jentle Jet sink from MTI Whirlpool has a new solution: it has three micro-jets that let you properly clean delicate hand-washables. Only jetted water touches the garments, and you can regulate the speed from a soft swirl to a vigorous wash. It also has a removable filter traps lint and loose threads. The sink comes in a contemporary design that can be flush-mounted. You can get it in an array of high-gloss colors in order to match any laundry room decor. The measurements are: 25 inches wide by 22 inches long 11.5 inches deep. This means it can fit into the typical laundry room. The price is less than $600.

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