Measure Up Bowls

It is hard to keep a diet with all the great food and other problems around you. This is why it is especially nice when you have some nice tools around you to help you with that. The new and practical Measure Up Bowls allow you to easily measure the quantities of food you are ingesting. The bowls are microwave- and dishwasher-safe porcelain portion bowls keep you on track by letting you serve proper portions right in the bowl you’re eating from. Nothing extra to wash, and you can simply eat and enjoy. The bowls have two sizes. The biggest one offers markings for premeasured servings of a half cup to two cups of pasta, rice, chili, soup, cereal, or anything else you eat in a bowl. If you use the smaller one you can chose between a quarter-cup, half-cup, or three quarters of a cup of high-fat.

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