Kalorik Indoor/Outdoor Carry Grill

Etiquette sometimes dictates what to eat and how. It is quite advisable to follow that. When it comes to cooking, the slow cooker recipes are easy and feasible. The new Kalorik Indoor/Outdoor Carry Grill with Glass Lid takes just a little time to prepare a wonderful meal. It is a great appliance to have for reheating food. It has a nice built-in griddle. Half of the unit has a familiar ribbed grilling surface, and the other half is smooth and flat for full-contact cooking. One on top of the other, the 2 nonstick cooking zones provide the capability to prepare a variety of dishes, from burgers and steaks to pancakes and eggs. This 19.5-inch by 19.25-inch portable grill measures only 4.5 inches tall, making the briefcase-size appliance easy to carry everywhere. It has a glass lid that folds down for easy transportation and the 1,500-watt grill gives portability that any cook.

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