Vinturi Wine Aerator

Aeration is letting the wine breath. It allows the air to mix with the wine and release its flavour. It is a common procedure. The Vinturi Wine Aerator lets you give the wine the full flavour. By pouring your wine through the aerator on its way to the glass, you can mix in the necessary air quickly. The brand new Vinturi Wine Aerator is constructed from acrylic and, as such, can go through the dishwasher between wines. It looks very elegant as well and you can place it on the bar without problems.It has a no-drip stand, where it can sit between pours, as well as a sediment filter (which can easily be emptied between pouring glasses) just in case something has settled in your glass. You can get this appliance for about $39.95 and, even if you don’t consider yourself much of a wine drinker, it can make a world of difference in your drink.

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