Miele G 1225 SC Eco Dishwasher

Miele’s new Eco Dishwasher also called Miele G 1225 SC Eco Dishwasher will allow you to wash the same amount of dishes with less water and power usage. This means you will be super efficient. The Eco Dishwasher uses only three gallons of water.For a full load you need only 0.6 kilowatt/h, which is very low. Also, the Turbo function will cut 50 minutes off the length of a wash cycle. And the dishwasher can do that without reducing its size. The dishwasher can hold 14 place settings and use a minimum of water and power. It has two racks with separately controlled lower and upper wash arms, plus flexible storage baskets for both the upper and lower racks. You can get it for about $1,200.


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