Nordic Ware Grill Popcorn Popper

People are in love with popcorn. It is the kind of food you gladly eat while watching a sports event or a movies. The Nordic Ware Grill Popcorn Popper allows you to heat up that popcorn and get the party started. The appliance can pop popcorn anywhere, from your stove top to your grill. It can even make popcorn on a campfire. Also, to make things nicer, the base can even double as a regular cooking pan. The Nordic Ware Grill Popcorn Popper needs a little oil, along with popcorn kernels. Put it over heat and the nonstick base and cover will keep everything contained when your kernels start popping. The popper comes with recipes for different variations, including kettle corn, something that your electric popper might have trouble handling.Plus it is very easy to clean and costs $39.95.

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